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Top 10 Best Fluorescent Grow Lights for Indoor Growers

1 – Jump Start 4 T5 Grow Light System

Jump Start T5 Grow Light SystemThis is one of the best lighting system available in the market. It is very easy to assemble and you can use it in every posture.

One of the best features of this lighting system is that it maximizes the germination success by growing seedlings faster.

Users can adjust the height according to their own needs so users can keep light close to the plants.

It has a High efficient T5 bulb and also super reflective materials are used which gives your plants more light at the very low cost. You can use it for flowers, plants, and seedlings.

2 – Agrobrite FLT44 T5 Fluorescent 4 Tubes Grow Light System

Agrobrite FLT44 T5 Fluorescent Grow Light SystemAgrobrite FLT44 is the newest T5 system manufactured by hydro farms.

This fluorescent  grow light system delivers flexibility, performance as well as high Lumen output in any growing environment.

You can adjust the height of this lighting system according to your indoor garden’s design.

This lighting system is made up of premium aluminum and energy efficient T5 tubes are included in this system that makes it so power tool for any growing environment.

3 – T5 Grow Light DL824 Ho Fluorescent Light System

T5 Grow Light DL824 Ho Fluorescent As this lighting system is plug and plug so you can use it very easily and also it has a beautiful light.

This system is perfect for greenhouses, indoor gardens and also you can use it for lots of other purposes.

Wick Kerosene heater is included in this lighting system which is able to generate 360 degrees of convection heat.

Its interior is made up of German hammer tone reflector so its increase the intensity of light up to 50%. There are two switches on the body one is for 2 internal bulbs and another is for 2 outer lights.

4 – Hydroplanet T5 Fluorescent Ho Bulbs 8 Lamp

Hydroplanet Horticulture Gardening T5 Grow Lights FixturesPlug & Play ballasts of this lighting system saves your time and hassle. 6500K grow bulbs are included in this system and you can operate it at 120 volts.

The interior is made up of 95% reflective aluminum. You can buy this lighting system without any hassle because the company is providing 2 years warranty.

You can setup it very easily according to your garden’s needs vertically or horizontally.

If you have a large growing area then you can 2 or 3 pieces of these lights system and attach them together.

5 – Hydrofarm Agrobrite Compact Fluorescent System

Hydrofarm Compact Fluorescent System with CFL BulbThe hydrofarm flowering compact system is one of the best compact packages that this fully assembled as well as ready for your garden to plug in and start growing.

Fully day light spectrum is included in this system with 6400k fluorescent lamp, built in the premium reflector as well as 8 power cord.

For greater reflectivity powerful metallic film specular is also included. This is about 5% brighter than its previous version. It comes with one year warranty.

6 – T5 Grow Light DL844s 4 Lamps Ho Fluorescent

T5 Grow Light DL844s Ho Fluorescent Its interior is made up of 95% efficient hammer tone reflectors which are able to provide 35% to 40% more light intensity as compared to other lighting systems.

If you want to connect more than one device then you can do it very easily using daisy chain.

It provides bright light with more intensity. It is so bright so that you can use it for large of plants at a time.

The weight of this lighting system is about 12 pounds which is very less as compared to other lights systems. So due to its less weight, you can use it very easily.

7 – Apollo Horticulture CFL Grow Light Bulb System

Apollo Horticulture 250 Watt CFL Compact Fluorescent Grow Light Bulb SystemCFL which is also called compact fluorescent light bulb is included in this bulb which full fill all the growing needs of the users.

2700k color temperature feature is also included which promotes plant and herb growth. This lighting system is ideal for home gardens, green houses and grow tents.

It is very easy to use. Multipurpose bulbs are included in this lighting system which you can also use for photography lighting.

These bulbs also consume 75% less electricity as compared to other bulbs.

Also, the life span of these bulbs is longer as compared to an incandescent bulb and produce the same amount of light.

One another great feature of bulbs which are included in this system is that they don’t produce as much heat as other.

8 – VIVOSUN Grow Lamps 4FT 6500K T5 Light Bulbs

VIVOSUN T5 Fluorescent Grow LightThese bulbs are ideal for green houses, indoor gardens and for almost anywhere. VIVOSUN bulbs also feature daisy chaining option so you can buy multiple bulbs and after all connect the together.

It is much safe for your plants because it doesn’t produce heat which is dangerous for your plants.

Mounting chain and hooks are also included in the package so you can adjust it according to your garden’s needs.

The weight of these bulbs is around 30% less as compared to other bulbs. The average usable life span of these bulbs is more than 20,000 hours.


432-Watt T5 High Output Fluorescent Grow Light FixtureThe interior of this light is made up of 95% reflective aluminum which maximizes the intensity of light. You can operate this light system at 120 volts.

It is one of the best lighting system available because of its energy efficient feature, amazing light quality, great design and easy mounting.

8 lamps are included in this system which produces very powerful and bright light.

Additionally, you can attach this light system with 3 similar lighting systems this means this you can expand your grow operation very easily.

10 – Sun Blaze 24 Inch High Output T5 Fluorescent Strip Light

Sun Blaze T5 High Output Fluorescent Strip Light It is one of the best sun blaze product which features an amazing light reflector which is able to deliver excellent diffusion and reflect.

Wire cable hanger is included in every product package and by using it you can hang it very easily in any posture.

For easy operation, this strip light features an on/off switch and 12-foot power cord.

There are two switches on the body of the light so you can also use 4 bulbs at a time if desired.

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