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Best COB LED Grow Lights Reviews & Top Picks of 2023

I was hunting for a LED grow light for one of my indoor project and was accidentally landed on a page which shows me COB LED, I was a bit confused what a COB LED grow light, because I never heard about it previously.

Our Recommended COB Grow Lights


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Roleadro COB Reflector-Series Plant Grow Light

Full Spectrum

300 watts

Input Voltage: AC 100-240V

Coverage Area: 1-4 m2

On/Off Switch

Chip Size: 45mil

2 years warranty

BloomBeast C525 525w 12 Band Dimmable COB

Full Spectrum

340 watts

3 dimmers for seedling, veg. and flower

Suitable for 4 x 4 grow tent at 24" height

Working UV & IR LEDs are dim or unlit


5 years warranty

CrxSunny 1800W COB LED Grow Lamp

Full Spectrum

300 watts

Input Voltage: AC85-265V

2.5 x 2.5 ft at 24” height (Max coverage 3.5 x 3.5 ft) growing area

No extra ballast is needed

Can be Controlled by Timer

3 years local warranty

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So I sit and thought to find what a COB LED light is and what are the options for an indoor grower like me to use these lights.

Before we move on to more details, first see the list of top ten COB Lights currently best selling in the market:

Roleadro 400W 2nd Generation with Innovated ChipsSee Details
CrxSunny 1000W Grow Light Indoor Veg & FlowersSee Details
Anjeet 1200W Full Spectrum COB Panel LampSee Details
Lightimetunnel 400W Full Spectrum COB Reflector LampSee Details
Lightimetunnel 400 Watt Full Spectrum COB (Chip on Board) Reflector LampSee Details
Nexlux Double Chips Hydroponic Plant Grow LightSee Details
King X5 1500W Chip on Board Grow LightSee Details
Gianor 1000 Watt Double Chips Light with Hanging KitSee Details
Roleadro 400W Full Spectrum COB LED Grow LightSee Details
COB GROW 300W Full Spectrum for HydroponicSee Details

While doing the research I found something interesting, so here is the first question to clear –

What is COB LED grow light?

COB (Chips on Board), is a new technology of LED packaging for LED light. Multi LED chips are enclosed together as one lighting unit.

When it light up, it looks like a lighting panel. Slowly but surely its taking up the grow light market by storm and you can get to see many new and trendy COB are coming by each passing day in the market.

List of Top 10 COB LED Grow Lights

After doing some online research and scouting some forums, I have found and put this list of COB lights with a small review of each item. Hope you will like it.

1 – Roleadro 400W COB Full Spectrum LED Grow Light 2nd Generation with Innovated Chips

Roleadro 400W COB Full Spectrum Grow LED LightThis is another high quality COB LED lighting product from Roleadro. It is a new generation Chip On Board light with great reflection and luminous.

The characteristics hollow space provided for lighting chips is made stylish while still producing the needed spectrum needed by plants to grow optimally.

I bought two quantities of this awesome LED light to replace my old LED light and it has proven its worth. This light does extremely well in growing and developing my vegetables.

Only concern is that it seems to work for only vegetables and users have to design the best suitable hanging height. Daisy chain connection is available. 2-5 lights can be connected and used concurrently by power cords.

I did mine with the combined 800 watts and it worked great. UL approved 2 cooling fans help better heat dissipation for this COB grow light.

2 – CrxSunny 1000W Full Spectrum COB LED Grow Light Indoor Vegetables  & Flowers

COB Grow LightThe CrxSunny COB LED light is a very effective and brilliant alternative to sunshine for indoor garden plants growth.

It boasts of nice and stylish design that incorporates a heat sink technology to reduce working temperature to very good range.

This COB LED has more uniform lighting, which make each leaves enjoy different light nutrient equally, instead of cases of more red, lack of blue, or more blue, few red.

It is suitable for use at home and also commercial horticulture and flower exhibition, pot culture and green house.

It has a unique design that packs chips together and screwed properly to the compact body.

There are 6 COB LEDs mounted to aluminum and 3 fans blow on the back of the sheet for heat sinking. The only drawback i notice is the brightness and operation of the COB light is not indicate a 1000 watt light and most people doubt that claim.

Overall it is still a great lighting device for indoor plant growth.

3 – Anjeet 1200W Full Spectrum COB LED Grow Panel Lamp

COB Grow LightThis is a nice and good looking product from Anjeet.  This is a stylish and functional high pressure sodium light for flower and vegetable growth.

Really witnessed and experienced good growth for my flower and vegetable plants as it gives good light spread due to good reflection.

The lighting chips are built into a channel of six hollow-like designs on a very compact body.

Not so good for brightness as well advertised by manufacturers for a 1200W light but still a good light to have for indoor garden.

Other great features include easy driver removal and replacement and moderate heat emission and dissipation.

4 – Morsen COB Full Spectrum 600W LED Grow

COB Grow LightPersonally, this product stands tall among COB LED lights manufactured for plants growth. The best I have seen from Morsen so far with its good lighting intensity, brightness and spectrum.

I witnessed impressive results with my indoor vegetables with this COB light as it gives optimum light needed in a very compact and durable design.

The Morsen LED Chip On Board light is the ideal and effective light for anyone and I can boldly say this based on my experience with it and comments from my friends. It is the best I have in recent times with affordable price.

5 – Lightimetunnel 400 Watt Full Spectrum COB (Chip on Board) Reflector Lamp

COB Grow LightThe Lightimetunnel 400W is a very useful chip on board LED. It produces best and high quality lighting with optimal intensity, brightness and luminous for good vegetable and flower growth.

The light also has an inbuilt cooling effect system that ensures that you never have to buy a fan or worry about its operation temperature.

Daisy chain design, connect lamps together like a flower instead of messy power cords.

I got the Lightimetunnel 400 watts to compliment my indoor project and I am not regretting my action. The light covers about 3′ x 3′ grow tent or grow room.

This is based on my own experience, it has given me a perfect light to my weed growing project with optimum results with a whopping 2 years warranty.

 6 – Nexlux Double Chips Super Bright Full Spectrum Hydroponic Plant Grow

COB Grow LightThis is a very innovative growing light for indoor gardeners as it boasts of an inbuilt double lighting chips designed to give better brightness and intensity.

This Nexlux is a 1000W light of 100 chips of 10W combination of double lighting Chips on board. This light gives an absolute super brightness and impressive spectrum.

I bought it with a free power cord and hanging hook included. The Nexlux light is efficient and very effective in a well-compact designed body. The light output covers full PAR suitable for promoting photosynthesis for growth & budding.

Drawback have been claims of the double lighting chips burning pretty fast and such claims might not be out of the way considering the brightness and heat produced. Overall, this remains a good light to grow vegetables and flowers.

7 – King X5 1500W COB (Chip on Board) LED Grow Light

COB Grow LightThis chip on board LED light is an absolute stunner with its massive 1500W and great features to complement its operations.

The King COB LED grow light is a complete and full spectrum with good and high quality light in a light weight design.

It gives a unique and innovative feature with its two fans built with it to ensure and guarantee nice working temperature while providing the ideal and best optimum light needed for flowers and vegetable growth.

Bought one for my garden and saw a great growth pattern. It is a very amazing led light with lots of benefits and suitable for all stages of plant growth and flowering.

8 – Gianor 1000 Watt Double Chips Led Grow Light with Hanging Kit

COB Grow LightThe Gianor 1000W plant growing light is a very nice and amazing product based on the successful and user-friendly double chip (on board) LED lighting system.

This is a full spectrum light with its ultra violet lights that ensures better reflection and spectrum.

I got a boost in my vegetable and flower growth and this is really nice to witness and experience.

The Gianor COB LED grow light is a multi function light that is useful for indoor, pot garden and commercial horticulture.

This COB LED does not need a blast and it can be used for 4′ x 4′ grow tent (or box) (although 1200 watts is recommended). It consumes low voltage thus save you some money on your monthly electricity bills.

9 – Roleadro 400W Full Spectrum COB LED Grow Light

COB Grow LightThe Roleadro 400 watts COB LED grow light is a complete and fully made device that allows for veg plant growth and blooming. It has the capacity to penetrate canopies and also covers 4 X 4 edge to edge.

It has a good package and moderate weight for a 400W LED Light. There are cases of plants growing even out of control within minimal time and this only confirms the Roleadro effectiveness.

Drawbacks include screws that easily loose. It also produces lots of heat; you need to buy a fan to keep the heat blow away.

Apart from the heating issue, the Roleadro 400W could be a good addition to your indoor project.

10 – COB GROW 300W Full Spectrum for Hydroponic

COB Grow LightThis is a great and very nice COB LED grow light that provides optimum and needed amount of light intensity and spectrum for plants growth in every indoor project.

This COB (chip on board) 300 W LED light having innovative features and properties that endure me to it since I got two LEDs for my small indoor garden.

There are 2 switches using which you can switch for vegetable bloom.

Even without the popular hollow-like design for arrangement of lighting chips, it still provides enough reflection and luminous necessary.

The very mind-blowing feature is the cooling system built with the COB grow light which guarantees very low heat and saves money for additional fan.

This definitely is a very amazing chip on board LED grow light.

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