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Top {10} 600 Watt Grow Lights you can Buy in 2023

Light play very important role in growing plants, in fact without lights you can’t even keep a plant alive!

The relationship between light and plant growth can be demonstrated by exposing leaves to various colors of light.

Using artificial lights is slowing but surely taking over the world by storm and many people are now using LED, HPS and other lighting solutions to grow plants indoor without needing the natural (sun) light to grow the plants indoor.

There are so many indoor grow lights are available in the market. Different lights are available in different wattage. Every growers needs different watts of lights as per their growing space and plant they are growing.

Lights such as 600, 900, and 1000 watts are available in the market. 600 watts are more in demand for small to mid-size grow space. Finding the best one is hard especially when you have a ton of options to choose from.

In this article we did online researched and found these top ten 600 watts indoor grow light based on features, customer review and other factors. Hope this will help you to buy the right one as per your particular needs.

1. Apollo Horticulture GLK600GW19 600 Watt Grow Light

Apollo Horticulture 600 Watt Grow LightThis is one of top selling indoor grow light. This ballast is 600 watts. You can use it indoors for growing vegetables. It has a dimmable electronic fan cooling system. The material looks premium.

The fan is extremely silent. It comes with one HPS bulb with 87000 lumens and MH with 68000 lumens. The ballast humming is not a concern. From a distance, you cannot hear it.

The adjustable dimmer is good. You can vary it in three settings 50%, 70% and 100%. This is a cost-effective product and I loved the accessories. The timer is a plus point.

The reflector is of high grade. This is an excellent choice to grow your vegetables indoors. You will not be disappointed.

2. VIVOSUN Hydroponic 600w Grow Light

Vivosun 600w Grow Light ReviewI simply loved it. The best thing about this product is, it is perfect for indoor growing. Compact and lightweight. The dimmable ballast works like a charm. Good product for the cost.

It is of 600-watt and you vary the wattage from 250-watts to 600-watts. Reflective aluminum is of high quality. It will definitely help the growth of plants. The sound was very less. I can only hear it, only when I am too close to it.

The hangers were pretty and looked premium. Both HPS & MH working fine. High level of photosynthesis. The color emission from bulbs looks cool and feels warm. I would recommend this to my friend.

The power cord is long. Best thing is aseven-day digital timer with eight on/off listings. Good one to have for indoor growing.

3. VIPARSPECTRA Reflector 600w LED

Viparspectra 600w Led ReviewVery different compared to other products. Design and bulb arrangement is good and unique. Low power consumption and 600-watt output make it a strong competitor to other products.

It comes with twelve bands full spectrum, which is very good. You can select the spectrum for plants or flowers. Cost is more in comparison with other indoor growing.

However, pricing is acceptable considering the spectrum of lights. The fan is of high speed and there was low noise.

This comes with a three-year warranty, which is a great plus. Too bright and it may hurt your eyes. Avoid looking directly into the light. One big problem is it is not waterproof. It does not have a timer option.

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4. iPower Light 600w Kit

Viparspectra 600w LED ReviewIt is classic indoor grow light. This 600-watt system has a digitally dimmable mechanism. Which is not present in other models. It has 0.4mm high-quality reflectors.

The reflector has better design and angling of reflector is perfect. I liked accessories given with the product.

You can customize the setup. You can set ballast at a different percentage. It definitely has better output than its competitors do. I liked 2 years warranty, which is an added bonus. Sockets are very solid.

It can automatically convert between HPS and MH light bulbs by microchip programming. This is a must buy.

5. EyeHortilux 600w HPS

Eye Hortilux 600w HPSThis is a simple, compact indoor grow at low cost. If you are low on budget then this one serves you well. From outside it may look good kind of project, but it is not. After using this, I saw some serious results.

It changed my thought that every cheap thing will perform cheaply. It definitely surprised me.

It is of 600-watts, it has less mercury than other indoor grow bulbs. The bulb is lead-free so plants will grow in a healthy environment and is definitely better than some costly sodium lamps.

If you want a low-cost lamp then go for it else spend extra few dollars and buy a standard light.

6. MarsHydro Mars 600w Coverage Grow Light

Mars Hydro 600w CoverageThis is the fanciest looking spectrum indoor grow bulb. It is of 600- watts. You can adjust spectrum for different output. It will help you to save the electricity bill for sure. The cost to product performance is decent. It is lightweight and very compact.

It comes with zener protection which other product do not have. This is a full spectrum light thus these are compatible with both plants and flowers. The result i get using these lights are great.

The only thing in my opinion is missing in this product is a dimmer and timer, although its not required but definitely will add some extra features needed for people like me.

This light is a perfect fit for a 4×4 grow tent. The product comes with a warranty of one year.

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7. King Plus 600w LED Review

King Plus 600w LED ReviewKing plus has many small LED’s arranged on the board. The output is of 600-watt. The arrangement creates spectrum kind of effect. These are best suited for indoor growing, UV, and IR for Greenhouse.

It has 10W double chips. A different design to achieve better lifespan and PAR value. Lumens output is good. It has centralized better cooling system.

You can use the full spectrum to grow plants and flowers. This is a perfect light for a person looking for a cost effective way to add grow light to their plants.

It has whopping three years of warranty.  If you read and properly follow the instruction book (included with product)  you can save some energy and increase productivity.

8. iPower 600 Watt HPS Bulb Review

Ipower 600w HPS Bulb ReviewThis is another 600-watt indoor growing bulb with some advanced features.

The blast has the dimmer option. You can set it to 50%, 70%, and 100%. The output rating is good.

The bulb looks premium. It has a 24-hour timer with 15-minute increment. It will help you to set customize lighting to your indoor perfectly suites 4 x 4 room.

It has 6-inch cool tube reflector with add-on wing, that is useful for maintaining room temperature.

This reflector is a perfect fit for a small room or grow tent. The price tag of this product is reasonable with quality of a premium light. This product offer a 2 years warranty.

9. BESTVA 600W LED Dual-Chip Growing Lamp Review

Bestva 600w LED Dual-Chip Growing Lamp ReviewIt is similar to some earlier versions. 600-watt output for indoor grow lighting is a good combination.

It has pink filter spectrum lighting. It has the high lumen to output per LED ratio.

Therefore, it is helpful in growing plants and flowers.

You will definitely see a significant change in growth after using this indoor grow bulbs. It consumes very less power and output is better. It has three years warranty.

It is bit heavy and lights are very bright, avoid looking directly. For the price range, it is a decent buy.

10. MEIZHI Reflector 600w Led Grow Light

Meizhi Reflector 600w LED Grow LightMEIZHI Reflector is a 600-watt spectrum based indoor grow lighting system. It has many bulbs connected in a better matrix to provide dual line output.

The bloom switches are very handy. You can definitely increase the growth by this product. It has improved 120° compact reflector panel for better lighting on plants.

The two superior cooling systems will keep away plants from overheating. That yields better growth of plants. It has a PAR value of 1120.

The frequency of operation up to 60HZ. The fan has automatic control depend on the mode. This is not waterproof.  Sulfur and acid will have a negative effect on plants.

The product is a big high compare to the rest of the other LED lights reviewed on this page, but looking at its feature the price looks fair.

FAQ about 600 Watts Grow Light

How many plants you can put under a 600 watt grow light?

There is no one rule written in stone for this one – it all depends what stage you plants in and other factors. If you are into bud you may have a bunch of plants under a single 600, if your plants in veg. you may have 16 plants under a 600.

In a normal scenario if you are growing marijuana for example, 4-6 plants are good enough under a 600 watt LED light. You will get a better yield. Tent size also affects the number of plants you can put in.

How much grow area 600 watt LED can cover (coverage)?

Lighting requirement normally calculates based on the desired wattage needed per square foot.

It also needs to know the particular plant’s light intensity requirements based on these factors you can determine the coverage a grow light can cover, in this example a 600w light.

It varies based on your individual needs. For example if you growing lettuce or similar plants, that have lower light requirements, use a calculation of 20-30W per square foot space.

A 600w lighting system would provide coverage for a 17-33 square foot area.

If you are growing tomatoes, you should calculate 40W per square foot. In this case, a 600w lighting system would cover 15-17 square feet.

How much does a 600 watt HPS light cost to run?

In a simple and easy to understand term – 600 watts light will burn up 600 watts power.

But in a more detail term you have to do some calculation to find how much electricity a 600w HPS uses.

In the USA an electricity company would normally charged based on the Kilowatt per hour electricity used by a consumer.

So if we do calculation based on our scenario here is what we come up with.

If a consumer uses 600w HPS for an hour s/he will be charged for 0.6 kilowatt per hour. In a normal scenario you will be going to use 8-12 hours a day. That mean:

If you use 8 hours a day then 8 x 30 x 0.6 = 144 kilowatt electricity

Multiply 144 whatever kilowatt/hour charges your city/state cost you, and you will get the total costing of a 600w HPS for a month.

Check this online calculator.

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