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Envirocycle Composter Review

Firstly, I would like to start off by mentioning the proud feeling I get when I contribute to the society in some way or the other and using the Envirocycle Composter has given me the best feeling of gratitude to enhance the beauty of society and play a role as a positive contributor.

I finally got my hands on the all-new Envirocycle Composter, although, it is not the only composter in the market but is surely one of its kind and I will tell you exactly why.

Features of Envirocycle Composter

Envirocycle Pink Composter ReviewThere are a lot of things I completely loved about the Envirocycle compost tumbler, and that is its creative and most effective method of treating the soil which is intended for open-air usage.

It is designed to settle down on any balcony, patio, deck, or garden and look as impressive as possible.

As I chose to place it on my balcony where I could effectively use it as much as possible and believe me, it looked fabulous being placed there. It just enhanced the entire set up and caught everyone’s eyes with its “most beautiful design” as stated by the inventors.

It comes completely amassed and ready to be used with its fully finished compact design, packaged in the most environmentally safe method, which is an enormous benefit to the individuals who despise assembling things like me.

There are no fiddly parts to gather, or screws to join. Indeed, even the bundling it gets conveyed to you in is 100% completely recycled!

Each part of this item has been exceptionally well, and each detail should be appreciated.

The best part is that the Envirocycle compost tumbler is made out of recycled materials and yet its extremely sturdy.

It offers immense ease in its operation, and all it requires from us is a spin and trust me spinning is the most fun bit once you spin you will want to do it again.

There is a hidden benefit of the Envirocycle compost tumbler, and that is it keeps you engaged throughout and broadens your focus to a greater extend, by this, I mean you will keep a vigilant eye for all the stuff to compost that is around you and this way your deck, patio or balcony will remain clean and all the remains will be used in the most effective manner.

Specifications Envirocycle Composter

  • 4 inches x 21.5 inches x 27.7 inches
  • Drum limit of up to 35 US gallons (smaller model accessible with 17-gallon limit)
  • Base limit of up to 2.5 US gallons
  • Gathers Compost and Compost Tea
  • Alluring and sturdy design
  • Single Batch Model

Details on the design     

Envirocycle Pink Composter ReviewThe Envirocycle composter has an extremely sturdy design. The materials used to build this creative garden apparatus are astounding, nourishment safe BPA free UV and cell reinforcement secured.

This implies any manure created inside the composter is protected to be reused onto any sustenance item that you might develop in your garden.

Turn the compartment every 2-3 days, and in fourteen days (contingent upon air temperature, nearby condition, and so forth.), you will have compost prepared to utilize.

However, in my case, it took about thirteen days for the product to develop, and this may vary slightly from location to location.

The Envirocycle is an exquisite looking composter which will mix in with nature encompassing it. It has favorable position over different composters which have the normal extensive dark canister or barrel molded gear.

This little composter is compact and seems cute but does its job amazingly and is extremely powerful.

Two-Part system

Another very important factor that I noticed and is missed by many other people is the impressive Two Part System that is offered by the creators, the level of thought added in the manufacturing is surprising.

This is a unique selling point for the company as the first drum is used for the preparation of the compost which holds all the food and garden waste while the second is the base which soaks all the liquid and can hold up to 2.5 US gallons.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Envirocycle Pink Composter ReviewYou will find that this composter is amazingly simple to clean and keep up. When you have purged its content, you will have simple access to clean it properly from the inside before beginning to utilize it once more.

This is another advantage that the Envirocycle has over different composters that are accessible to customers.

 Customer Service

It was great to experience the customer service provided by the company, and it was all by a coincidence where I overfilled the drum which caused the latch to bend while I had been tumbling it, it was not the machine’s fault but surely mine as I did not go through the instruction booklet properly.

However, I contacted the company, and I explained them the situation and requested for a new latch and believe it or not they sent me a new one within two weeks. Yes, even I was surprised at such efficiency and customer service.

Final Evaluation of Envirocycle Composter

After a few weeks of my usage, I began to prepare a list of some pros and cons that noticed because even the most perfect things in the world have their imperfections.

So let’s have a look at the pros and cons of the Envirocycle compost tumbler.

Pros of Envirocycle Composter:

  • Fabulous Sturdy Design
  • Compact Size
  • Impressive colors (Pink & Black)
  • Fit for outdoor purposes
  • Top-Notch results
  • Great customer service
  • Good value for money

Cons of Envirocycle Composter:

  • Flimsy door mechanism
  • Rain can fill the second base

Should you Buy Envirocycle Composter?

If you feel good about keeping up an environmental responsibility and to do something good with nature as it keeps us within it and is also looking forward to buying a composter to help grow amazing plants, then the Envirocycle compost tumbler is the right choice.

This claim is backed by personal use, customer reviews and many satisfied buyers throughout the globe.

Overall, Envirocycle compost tumbler is a must buy for all plant lovers and eco-friendly people who wish to make their surroundings better and thus, their own lives.

Video Review of Envirocycle Composter

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