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Why I’m Passionate about Growing Marijuana Indoor

I have grown marijuana outdoors and indoors and I know for sure that I love growing it indoors more than outdoors.

There are many reasons for this.

Being a control freak when it comes to hygiene of everything consumable, growing my cannabis indoor assures me that what I am consuming or releasing to the market is clean, up to standard and ready for consumption.

For me, starting to grow marijuana indoors was quite an experience for me as I learned something new every day.

Here are the main benefits that I garnered from my decision to grow marijuana indoors:

Benefit #1

Because growing marijuana outdoors is more popular than growing the same indoors, I was forced to look for information everywhere and therefore it was a great learning experience for me.

For example, I had to find out the best indoor condition for marijuana to thrive.

Benefit #2

Growing my marijuana indoors put me in a position to protect it from thieves. From my search for information about how to grow marijuana, I came across astounding information that animals like dogs love marijuana (?) .

Growing indoors means that I was able to keep my garden hidden from prying eyes. While the race is on to legalize marijuana, it is not something that you want to do in the open as it could attract animals and thieves.

Benefit #3

Being a very hands-on person, the idea of growing marijuana indoors where I would have to control every element affecting the growth, that is, moisture, light, temperature and nutrients made me feel satisfied that I was fully involved in the growth of my crop.

This is hard work, but the resulting perfect crop was well worth the hard work.

Benefit #4

Marijuana is a good crop and therefore I was not for the idea of getting just one harvest per year. From my research, I learned that I can induce some stages like flowering, so that I can have more than one harvest per year.

Since flowering in marijuana is provoked by photoperiodism, a process by which plants respond to changes in day light length, by controlling the conditions in the indoor growing arena, I found I could start the flowering of my marijuana crop in advance.

I did this by elongating the hours of darkness to trick the plants into thinking that autumn was approaching. Outdoors, you cannot induce or delay flowering in plants.

Benefit #5

Although someone told me that my plants missed some of the benefits of the insects that are beneficial to crops and can only be found outdoors, the benefit was on my side because my crop was protected from many of the harmful pests that are found outdoors.

This saved me money on pesticides and increased the quality of my harvest significantly. High standards if health and hygiene means that the marijuana crop can be used for medicinal purposes.

Benefit #6

When growing Marijuana indoors, the crop yield mostly depends on how you control the lighting. The invention of the LED lighting technology has made things easier and better.

I have used the TaoTronics 24w Led Grow light Bulb to light up my growing environment at very little cost. Emitting very little heat, this bulb is long lasting and will still be cool to the touch even after being in use for 24 hours.

One thing that I have discovered when growing cannabis indoors is that the more the light, the heavier the buds and eventually I get very good yields. LED grow lights serve this purpose very well.

Benefit #7

The medium of growth types at my disposal are quite a good number. For example, I have used soil, pebbles and I have even grown my cannabis hydroponically.

No matter what method I use, I always give my plants the nutrients that they need without any hindrance.

My study on how to grow cannabis indoors has turned me to an experienced gardener and today, one look at the leaves of my plants and I will know when it needs more or less water.

Benefit #8

Need we mention that since I control all the conditions, I decide when to grow my cannabis? Marijuana is a proud plant that will not do well in extreme conditions. Growing it indoors allows all year growth.

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