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TaoTronics 24 Watt LED Grow Light Bulb Review

On the TaoTronics website, they have a slogan – “Bring the sun indoors”. Well, their latest addition to grow lights, the Taotronics 24W LED grow light bulb boasts of long life, low to no heat emission and enhancement to the quality and yield of plants.

But it is not boasting if you can back it up, is it? I set out to find out why it is rated as one of the best lights to grow cannabis and vegetables. I discovered many things.

For example, its features, like the blue and red wavelength make it usable for different growth stages of indoor plants.

If you want to grow your high quality marijuana indoors and better yield, this bulb looks like the real deal.

High Wattage Low Consumption

The actual wattage of the TaoTronics 24W LED grow light bulb is 15W. For its high energy output, this is very low consumption. Like its 12W predecessor, it has 12 LEDs arranged in rows of 2, 4, 4 and 2.

These LEDs are as small as those in the 12W TaoTronics, but they are more powerful and can give intense light even when the bulb is placed higher to give a wider beam.

This has enabled me to grow more cannabis plants using one grow light.

The light will spread to an area of about 5 feet by 3.3 feet and the height of the light from this bulb can go up to 5 feet. I have left this grow bulb on for close to 24 hours and did not notice any heat emission.

I Can Grow My Cannabis Hidden From Prying Eyes

I do not like growing my cannabis in the open; otherwise I would just grow it outdoors. This grow light comes in handy for me as I can use it in areas where there is no other source of light, for example, the basement.

Since it dispels heat leaving the bulb cooler even with a lot of use, I have had no trouble with the ventilation in my basement.

Setup Is Bliss

You can set up the bulb easily without the need for special lamps. Just fit it into a standard E27 bulb holder and a desk lamp will work very well.

That is not all, because it is also built in excellent design with high quality aluminum – the one used in aircraft design.

It is further enhanced with a heat-sink design that maximizes the heat loss thus keeping the bulb cooler even after long periods of use.

Different Lights for Different Stages of Growth

This bulb has two blue and ten red LEDs for different wavelengths of light, which are important for different stages of plant growth.

It has three wavelengths that have been designed to enhance faster plant growth by enhancing the production of Chlorophyll A and B production. These wavelengths are as follows:

  • Blue LEDs (two only) – 410 to 460 nanometers which enhances the production of Chlorophyll and Carotenoid which ensure robust leaves.
  • The 660 nanometers light enhances photosynthesis – Red LEDs
  • Red light enhances budding/blooming and fruiting – Red LEDs

Supports Faster Growth

I have used this grow light consistently for two weeks and my cannabis popped out more leaves.

Accompanied by the fact that this bulb is more powerful than its predecessor the 12W TaoTronics Grow Bulb and costs only 75% of the price of two 12W TaoTronic bulbs, I have a great deal.

The Longest Lifespan

Who wants to keep popping to the stores every year to buy new grow lights for their green house? With a lifespan of 50,000 hours, this is about 5.8 years of use.

In addition, I am covered by the manufacturer’s warranty of one year and since I registered mine online on the TaoTronics website, I was added an extra six months on the warranty.

Well, still not as long as I would have liked, but for a light bulb that cost me less than what I expected, it’s a good deal for me.

For Quality and High Yields in a Hydroponic Environment

And who wants to wait for the regular flowering season when they can induce flowering in advance? That is why I chose to grow my cannabis indoors where I decide when to harvest, when to delay it a bit and so on.

The TaoTronics 24W LED Grow Light Bulb has been proven to increase the quality of plants in a hydroponic environment.

To Conclude this Review

After using the TaoTronics 24W LED Grow Light Bulb, reading widely about it and scrutinizing other user reviews for mistakes, I can say I have found no cons at all.

That this bulb keeps cool even after 17 or more hours of continuous use makes it more reliable and the different wavelengths for budding and fruiting make it a dream for any grower.

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