Advanced Platinum Series P150 Review

As its name suggests, this is a Platinum LED light and for the longest time, platinum lights have been rated highly for their high PAR (photosynthetic active radiation) which actually gives three times the brightness…

Marshydro 600w LED Grow Light Review

Mars Hydro 600w LED Grow Light Review

The name for this one is quite a mouthful, but is it as good as they say it is? Grow lights are recent entrants in the market and with every manufacturer claiming that theirs is…

TaoTronics 24w LED Grow Light Bulb

TaoTronics 24 Watt LED Grow Light Bulb Review

On the TaoTronics website, they have a slogan; “Bring the sun indoors”. Well, their latest addition to grow lights, the Taotronics 24W LED grow light bulb boasts of long life, low to no heat emission…

OxyLED 12W Grow Light Bulb Review

OxyLED E26 12W Grow Light Bulb Review

When you are growing your cannabis indoors, or even outdoors, sometimes you may want to give your plants a little boost of extra light. This is most necessary in the rainy, misty or snowy seasons….

taoTronics LED E27 Grow Light Review

TaoTronics LED E27 12W Grow Light Review

There is a chance that you would like to purchase your very own grow lights because as much as possible; you would like your plants to grow well. Different types of plants would need different…

Apollo 180W UFO LED Grow Light Review

There are instances when you may be disappointed with how your plant is growing because you are trying to make it grow indoors. It does not mean that just because your plant is growing indoors,…