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ZITRADES 20w Hydroponic LED Grow Light Review

Are you planning to get LED grow lights for the plants that you have at home but you are not quite sure about what you are going to get? You have to remember that there are a lot of grow lights that are available. How will you choose the right one for you?

You would have to consider several things if you would like to purchase the right grow lights. These things are the following:

  • Effectiveness – How effective will the grow lights be in making your plants grow healthy and strong?
  • Cost – You may want to purchase grow lights that will fit right into your budget.
  • Quality – Cheaply made grow lights will not last long and may even be more expensive in the long run especially if you would need to purchase new grow lights again.

Aside from the things that are mentioned above, you may still want to consider more things before you purchase. At this point you may be wondering which one you should purchase. One product that you can check out is ZITRADES 20W Hydroponic Plant Flood LED Grow Lights.

Features of ZITRADES 20W Grow Lights

It is important that you know the various features of this product so that you can be sure with what you can expect.

  • 20 Watt Grow Lights – The amount of light that this product can give is sufficient in making sure that your lights will grow effectively.
  • Energy Saving – No need to worry how much energy you are using up every time you make use of this product because it does not use a lot of energy.
  • Low Heated Bulbs – You can be sure that the bulbs that are being used are low heated which means that your plants will not be exposed to too much heat but they will be exposed to the amount of light that they need.

Pros and Cons of ZITRADES 20W Grow Light

There is a chance that you would like to get to know more details about this product so that you can decide if it is worth purchasing or not. Get to know its advantages and disadvantages.


  • No Heat – You can be sure that this bulb might look violet because it gives off very strong light but the moment that you touch it, you will realize that it does not emit any heat at all.
  • No Infrared or UV rays used – Infrared and UV rays can be harmful for the skin which means that placing it inside your home will mean that you are being exposed to these harmful elements. Since this product does not make use of neither infrared nor UV rays, you can conclude that it is safe to use.
  • Useful Even During Winter – Unlike other grow lights used during winter that might not generate a lot of growth in plants, this is one product that can still work no matter what the weather condition may be.


  • May Stop Working – The product may stop working immediately if the product that would be received is defective but this can be replaced or repaired.
  • Might Not Work for All Plant Types – It will be useful to figure out if the plants that you would lie to grow can be improved with the use of this product.


This is one product that you can use no matter what type of weather you are having and what season you are experiencing.

This gives off purple light that can also look appealing indoors and at the same time will give your plants the right amount of light that they need. This may be the right product that you are searching for.

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