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10 Common Mistakes New Indoor Growers Make

As a newbie indoor marijuana grower, I made many mistakes which though I consider them to have been my learning experience, cost me a lot.

Today, I would rather bare all the mistakes here so that if you are a newbie cannabis grower, you avoid them.

Ours is a tight community of growers, connected by our love for this herb and we love looking out for each other.

Here are things that I did, and which, when I checked on the web later, I found out that it is almost every newbie marijuana grower who makes them.

1. Buying Wrong Grow Light – Cheap Was Expensive

I thought I was being smart by saving money and so I went for the cheapest growing lights in the market. Many people have made this mistake.

However, it is not that they just up and go for the cheapest one; it is that they do not seek information about the available grow lights.

For example, I remember setting my grow light too high thus making the light less intense and that affected the chlorophyll process of my plants.

2. Thinking I Know Enough While I Actually Knew Nada

As a long time DIY enthusiast, I did my research on the internet and read books about starting to grow cannabis indoors and then when I decided that I knew enough, I embarked on my project.

My learning stopped right there. After all, I was a guru. Big mistake! Marijuana is a very dynamic plant. Every day, every hour is a learning experience. You can never know enough.

3. Thinking That The Windows Let In Enough Light

I started growing marijuana indoors to keep it to myself.

Since my room had large windows, I assumed that there would be enough sunlight coming through. I was wrong.

You must invest in grow lights if you would like a bumper harvest.

4. Over-watering

Well, someone told me that when I over-water my marijuana, keeping the medium of growth waterlogged would cause leeching of many of the nutrients thus leaving my plants starved.

I would water my plants four times a day, and I came to know later that once a day was usually enough.

5. Never Forget The Genetics

You can plant anything in your marijuana patch, but remember one thing; what you harvest will depend on the genetics. Thus, it is best to source for seeds that have pedigree if there is anything like that in marijuana.

Look for the very best seeds in the market. Use poor seeds and the harvest will be poor.

6. I Got Greedy. I Crowded Many Plants In Small Space

Here I was with my grow lights and then I thought… the more plants I can squeeze into each beam the better and the higher the yield for me.

I did not know then that crowding and lack of space is marijuana’s biggest enemy.

Long story short, the buds were smaller, the stalks weaker and I did not get a harvest worth writing home about.

7. I Stuck With The Manufacturers’ Recommendations For Nutrients

I did not know that if I feed my marijuana nutrients according to the recommended measures, I would be overfeeding, and in the process, damaging my plants.

I came to learn much later that if a manufacturer recommends giving ¼ of the nutrients, then I should give it 1/8.

8. Inducing Flowering At The Wrong Time

It is called photoperiodism, an elongated light and dark cycle to induce flowering.

What I did not know was that I should have allowed the plants to fill the space to its capacity, that is, wait until the vegetative state was at full capacity and then induce flowering.

9. Too Early Harvesting

This is something all newbie growers have done, in an urge maybe to try their product.

Once the plants start budding, we wait a few days and bang! We harvest. That is wrong.

A couple, even three more weeks cannot hurt, but they can increase the quality of your cannabis.

10. Pruning Your Plants Too Much

Pruning is important if you would like to harvest healthy cannabis at the end, but if you overdo it, you will have poor plants and some may even die.

Experts recommend that whatever you think should be cut, make it half that to be on the safe side.

11. Telling Your Friends

What happens is, you tell a friend, he tells a friend and that friend tells his girlfriend.

Soon, the word may leak out to the authorities and even if it doesn’t, your friends may come to smoke your marijuana, after all the work you have done.

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