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Life of an Indoor Plant – from Seed to Fruition

It seems that growing things indoors is the greatest thing to happen in agriculture since the Agrarian Revolution and rightly so because for once, you are in a position to be in full control of your plants as they grow.

This means that while the plants grown outdoors may face some unpredictable weather elements, for indoor growing, it will be different. You can keep the required elements at just the right quantity, without a miss.

You can even induce flowering and blooming and one thing that you can be sure of is that the harvest will be of high quality and high yield.

But first, you must know a few important things:

Decide What You Are Growing

So you have heard that indoor growing is the next big thing after the Agrarian Revolution. However, you do not just up one morning and start growing.

You need information and a lot of it too. What is trending? Are you growing for your own consumption, or would you like to grow for sale? This will determine the size of the growing space and other things.

What grows well in your area? What do you often use at home yet it is hard to find in the stores? If it is scarce and you grow it for money, you can sell at a good price.

Buy The Plants/Seeds

You have decided what you would like to grow. Now, you are ready to look for the seeds. I would suggest that you go for the very best in the market.

Even in plants, there is pedigree. Genetics will determine everything, from the quality to the quantity of your yield. You must look for the best strains of seeds. Ask the sellers.

Prepare Room/Tent For Growing

Even if you have the best seeds, if you do not prepare your indoor growing area amply, you will still have a hard time getting a good harvest.

First, depending on the plants that you will be growing, choose a good place. If you are growing cannabis for example, you will want to choose a place that is hidden from the public.

Choosing the grow tent should be considered carefully as there are many in the market. What is the size? For example, starting with a tent that can grow 12 plants of marijuana is OK.

I started with a big tent, 100cm by 180cm and it has served me very well since I bought it. I like to space my plants amply.

Growing (Taking Care)

I will talk about growing marijuana indoors here because that is what I have experimented on. Good growing area, good genetics for seeds and good care will mean a good harvest.

However, once you start growing, you will realize that the real work is in the care of the plants.

This means popping into your growing tent every day and checking that the humidity is OK, the temperature and the lighting.

Firstly, ensure that you light up the growing area for the recommended time, that is, 18 hours for the vegetative stage and 12 to 14 hours during the flowering/budding stage. Give your plants the right nutrients and be careful not to overfeed them.

Remember, the best measure is at least half of what the nutrients manufacturers recommend. Prune right, do not over prune, a mistake that most indoor growers make.


Again, I will refer to marijuana because that is what I have had experience growing. Indoor cultivation of the same allows you to induce flowering by enhancing photoperiodism – longer alternates between light and dark.

Let the crop stay a couple of weeks after it starts flowering to get as much quantity as possible. Many rookies make the mistake of harvesting their marijuana too early.


We have talked about this already, the lighting, giving nutrients and pruning. Now, let us talk about how much water your plants need and once again, I refer to marijuana.

Never over-water your plants. Mostly, one or two times watering a day will be sufficient.

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