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HQRP 14W LED Grow Light with Hanging Kit + UV Meter Review

If you have been trying to grow your plants indoors for quite some time, you may be aware that they will not grow well on their own.

No matter how many times you try to place them near sunlight, you will still start seeing some signs that they are not receiving the amount of light that they need to get.

Plants will need lights in order to get to their maximum health and so that they can grow well. If you would not use the proper tools to make them grow, there is a chance that they will not grow at all.

One of the most popular products that are being used right now is the grow light. This is meant to provide the amount of light that plants need.

With the wide array of grow lights that are available, do you already know which one you will choose?

You have to remember that one of the products that you may check out is HQRP 225 LED Blue + Red Indoor Garden Hydroponic Plant Grow Light.

Features of HQRP 225 LED Plant Grow Light

  • 200-Day Warranty – If in case this grow light has problems and some parts would need to be replaced or repaired, this can all be done for free within 200 days.
  • Thermoplastic Body with Die Cast Chrome Circuit Board – Its thermoplastic body will make sure that the heat will remain inside and it will not spread out too much heat on the room where it will be placed. The circuit boards will not be seen.
  • 60 Blue LED lights, 165 Red Lights – The number of lights indicate that this can be used for a wide variety of plants. Whether you are growing flowers or other greens will not matter because they can still grow. It is meant to be used for a small garden.

Benefit of HRQP 14 watt LED Grow Light

The use of this product for your plants will make you think why you have not used this product for a long period of time.

The blue and red lights make sure that plant growth is synchronized and will be able to make plants grow at their peak.

You can also make sure that your plants will be able to get all the nutrients from the generated lights that can of course make your plants grow better. They do not use up much energy too.

Pros & Cons of HRQP LED Grow Light

You would have to know more about the various advantages and disadvantages of the grow light so that you can decide if it is the perfect one for you.


  • Red/Blue Light Therapy – The mixture of red and blue lights can be extremely helpful probably because red lights can make sure that the plants are able to get all of its required nutrients and blue lights will stimulate it to grow.
  • Spot Pattern – If you have a plant that you would like to grow immediately, this spot pattern can be very useful because you have to search for it and place your plant in the proper place.
  • Healthier Plants – While there are a lot of people who state that plant growth is not as fast as they are expecting, they have noticed that their plants are so much healthier than before with their darker leaves and better looking stems.


  • Tiny – Even though it has a lot of lights, you cannot expect to use it for a big garden. You may have to purchase two or more of this item in order to accommodate your whole indoor garden.
  • Some Lights May Stop Working – There are instances when some of the lights of this item will stop suddenly. If it is covered by the warranty, you can easily have this replaced.

Customer Score and Assessment

People have noted that this is one product that can be useful for making plants healthier but they are not quite sure if this is the right product to stimulate plant growth. It can be useful for small gardens but might not have much worth for big gardens.


If you only have a small amount of plants that you would want to grow indoors, you can be sure that they will be healthier with the use of this product.

This is a cheaply priced product that can still be a great help to make plants healthier.

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