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OxyLED E26 12W Grow Light Bulb Review

When you are growing your cannabis indoors, or even outdoors, sometimes you may want to give your plants a little boost of extra light. This is most necessary in the rainy, misty or snowy seasons.

I love the idea of growing my cannabis all year round and that is why I will not let the weather stop me. No, not when there are grow lights like the OxyLED LED grow light bulb that is rated as one of the most efficient hydroponic grow lights in the market.

The quality of your marijuana yield will be determined by many factors and the type of grow light will be one of them. Here is why I would recommend using the OxyLED 12w LED grow light bulb in your hydroponic cannabis growing project.

Enhance the Process of Photosynthesis

From your elementary school biology, you know that photosynthesis is the process by which green plants make their own food. You also know that for this process to happen, there must be light.

This LED bulb is the real deal since it comes with 12 LED lights – 9 of them being red and 3 being blue.

The red light is very important since it enhances blooming/budding and fruiting and the blue light is important for photosynthesis as it enhances the release of carotenoid and chlorophyll which are both required for robust leaves.

Designed To Disperse All Heat

This bulb comes in a unique heat sink design that helps in the dispersal of heat thus keeping the bulb cooler for longer. It is built with high grade aluminum for utmost efficiency.

With low energy consumption and high light output, this is just the kind of grow light you need for healthy herbs.

Long Life and Use

Well, we know that some grow lights can last as long as 50,000 hours of use. This one will last a good 20,000 hours of use.

This is more than two years, which is a good enough service. Making a one-off buy in two years for a grow light that will hardly go off if you are growing your cannabis in the basement is a big plus.

It’s ready To Fix and Use, No Modifications Needed

I have used this grow light in a normal E26 bulb holder and it works just fine. You just need to fix it to the holder and it is good to go. You do not need to buy any special lamp base.

Just fit it to your desk lamp like I did and you are good to start growing.

Your Plants Will Love This Grow Light

This sounds crazy, but it is true. If you grow your cannabis using this grow light, the rich purple light (you know what you get from the mixture of blue and red colors?) will have the plants growing towards the bulb.

Don’t believe it? Well then, this is something that you have to experience to believe.

It Is Cheap

If you can get 20,000 hours of use from this bulb, what more can you really ask for a product that is cost effective and wont break your pocket?

Remember, you are not only using the OxyLED 12W LED Grow light bulb for lighting, you are using it for growing your marijuana indoors, in a place that is not accessible to many people. Therefore, it gives value for money.

Awesome Customer Service

Mine is still running nice and all good, but reading through the customer reviews on Amazon, all of them express happiness at how issues they had with the light bulb were handled by the company.

For example, one says that his grow light bulb fizzled out with 40 hours of use, but was replaced with a new one which has now run hundreds of hours without any problem.

Would I Recommend 12W Grow Bulb Light?

It is cheap, it lasts only 20,000 hours. This means that in a couple of years, you will be back to the shops.

With 12 LEDs, this bulb is good enough for people who are starting out to grow marijuana or other herbs indoors.

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