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Lvjing High Power 50W LED Plant Grow Light Panel Review

Do you feel the need to have grow lights for the indoor plants that you have inside your home? There is a chance that you are but you would like to make sure that you will purchase the right one for your plants.

You first have to consider the type of plants that you have. Do you have vegetative plants? Do you have flowering plants?

The type of plants that you are planning to grow indoors will also have an effect on the products that you are going to purchase to make them grow better.

One of the possible items that you need in order to make plants grow is Lvjing High Power 50w LED Plant Grow Light Panel.

You can be sure that with the use of this item, you can make your plants grow at the soonest possible time. Would you like to get to know more about this product? You would have to read on.

Features of Lvjing High Power 50w LED Grow Light Panel

  • New Design – The design of this product has been improved so that it will include all of the items that you need to have to make your plant grow effectively.
  • Low Power Consumption – No need to worry how much energy you are using up every time that you make use of this product because it is very energy efficient.
  • Keeps Temperature Down – One of the main problems that you may have with other grow lights is that they may generate a lot of heat. You can be sure that this one will give you more light than heat. This can be good for your plants.

Pros & Cons of Lvjing High Power 50w LED Grow Light

It is important that before you purchase anything, you will consider the pros and cons of the product. Here are some things that you ought to know.


  • Inexpensive – Even though it is priced cheaply, you can be sure that you will still get a quality item that you can use to make your plants grow effectively.
  • Very Bright Light – This is perfect for plants that have already grown past the seedling stage and you would like them to grow better. The very bright light provided by this item can generate the response that you would like to get.
  • NO UV Heat – This is one product that you can expect will not generate UV heat that you may be expecting based on the other grow lights that you can try.


  • May Singe Your Plants – Since this is directly placed overhead, you might make the mistake of placing them too close to your plants. When this happens, there is a possibility that your plants will be burned.
  • All Plastic – There is a chance that you are not too fond of plastic products and you might get disappointed because this product is made out of pure plastic.
    Now that you already know the pros and cons of this product, you can make a choice on whether you like it enough or not.

Consumer Ratings

There are a lot of people who are generally happy with this product because of the growth that they have seen with their plants. Some even purchase more than one to cover all of the plants that they have indoors.


Whether you are still confused if you should purchase this or not, you have to remember that this is one product that you surely need to have if you would like your plants to grow better than usual.

Make your indoor plants grow better and become healthier by exposing them to this product with alternate red and blue lights that can promote healthy plant growth.

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