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Erligpowht 45W LED Red, Blue Grow Light Review

Although buying the right grow light is the first most important thing when you would like to grow your marijuana indoors, one of the things that I have come to realize is that grow lights do not have to be all that expensive.

You just have to do your own due diligence in the market before investing in one.

It was during one of my forays online that I came across the Erligpowht 45W LED Red Blue Hanging Light for Indoor Plant and I thought it was too good to pass up.

After all, with 4.1 stars out of 5 and with more than 400 reviews on Amazon and most of them positive, you can see that this grow light can be the real deal for you.

But first, what specs or features make it a must-have for a person who wants to grow cannabis indoors, away from those prying eyes?

It Is A Cheap Panel Light

Well, this grow light really does catch the attention because of a few things. Firstly, it is a panel light, measuring 12.3 inches by 12.2 inches by 1.4 inches.

The best thing about is that it mimics the sunlight perfectly thus tricking your plants to growing robust leaves and to start blooming and fruiting right on time, just as if they were growing outdoors but this time without the shenanigans that are associated with outdoor gardens.

The Spectra

This Erligpowht 45W LED Red Blue hanging light has different spectra, but not many. It has been designed with 225 LEDs but with just two wavelengths.

The red LEDs are 650nm and the blue ones are 450nm. Compared to other grow lights in the market that have even up to nine or more bands, this one is a big miss here.

Does that write off the grow light? Not at all, since it has many other benefits.

Hang It High or Low

The recommended highest height for this grow light is 6 feet, but you and I know very well how this works.

If the manufacturer recommends you to install the grow light between 1.5 and 6 feet above the plants, well, you know very well that you do not want to place it too high since the lower it is the more intense the light.

Marijuana does need intense light for robust leaves, you know, it enhances carotenoid and chlorophyll production for photosynthesis and all.

What Is It Best For?

Well, to tell you the truth, this light is best used for the vegetative stages of the plants but when it comes to the flowering and fruiting of the plants, it may not do much good.

The reason for that is that it does not have intense light or brightness that a plant like cannabis requires for its flowering. Therefore, you may want to use it for the light vegetating stages only.

But then, the cost is quite low.

How Long Will You Have It?

How long you can use a grow light is always a deal maker or breaker when you are looking for the best.

The Erligpowht 45W LED Red Blue hanging light does not disappoint when it comes to that since it is rated for all of 50,000 hours.

Now, that is close to six years of use – A good deal indeed for the low price product but high quality result.

Can I Recommend Erligpowht 45W LED Red Blue?

Well, not really, at least not for cannabis growers since it has not proved to be much good for the flowering and fruiting stages.

However, for other vegetables, for its low price and long lifespan, I would recommend it. Buy with caution though. It has no cooling fans in place.

The paneling is too cheap and the diodes may not last long.

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