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Advanced Platinum Series P300 LED Grow Light Review

Are you fond of plants? There are a lot of people who are proud that they have a green thumb.

This means that they have the ability to make plants grow better than those who do not possess the proper skills to make their plants grow as well as they like.

It is a challenge to make plants grow indoors instead of outdoors because the environment is entirely different.

For one thing, it is quite obvious that indoors may not have the right amount of light needed by some plants to grow. Some plants are meant for indoor use but without the right resources and tools, they might die.

One of the best options that you can do to make sure that your plants will grow better is to make use of Advanced Platinum Series P300 300w LED Grow Light.

This is one grow light that you will surely need for the plants you have at home.

Features of Advanced Platinum P300 LED Grow Lights

Here are some of the features that you can expect from this product:

  • Eleven Spectrum Blend Lights – These are light that are meant to make your plants reach their maximum potential especially when these lights will be used often. Depending on the light cycle, you might have to turn on your grow lights for more than 12 hours.
  • Selected Switches – You can change the switches depending on the type of plant that you are growing. You may set the required lights needed for flowering plants and also the required lights needed for vegetative plants.
  • 4.5 x 3.8 Coverage Area – This is the area that the light coming from this product will be able to offer. As long as your garden is somewhat the same size, then all of your indoor plants will be covered.

Pros and Cons of Advanced Platinum P300 LED Grow Lights

You would need to know the pros and cons of the item to help you decide if you should purchase the item or not.


  • Good Quality of Materials and Product Itself – You can be sure that this is one product that is made with good quality. This means that you can expect to use it for a long period of time as it will not break down easily.
  • Great LED Lighting System – Unlike other products which would require the use of other items to make this product reach its full potential to give benefits to the plant, this has its own LED lighting system that plants can surely benefit from.
  • Modifications Possible – Unlike other types of lights wherein the lights are set in just one type of wattage, you can count on these grow lights to be easy to modify depending on what your plant needs.


  • Expensive – One of the main problems of people who would like to purchase this product is the amount that they have to pay for it. Those who purchase it say that it is worth it in the long run though.
  • Direct Light Focus – It is recommended that the plants may not be placed under direct light especially if they are in their early stages because this might make the seedlings grow prematurely and ultimately become ruined later on.

Customer Score and Assessment

Based on the things that people have stated about this product, a lot are very happy with what they were able to get.

It is also a plus for this product that it can cover a wider area as compared to other grow lights that are available right now.

Ultimately, this can make plants grow effectively too especially when used correctly.


This is one great product that people can count on despite of its price which is a bit more expensive than what people are willing to shell out for grow lights.

The moment that you see your plants grow, you can be sure that it is all worth it.

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