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LED Vs. HPS: Which Lights is Better for Indoor growing and why?

Indoor growing under lights are most famous discussion on the net and choosing the right lights i.e. LED vs. HPS is also making people wonder which light to choose for their indoor planting.

There are few growers making use of LED lights for indoor growing, although, however their numbers are geometrically increasing by the day.

With that in mind, it comes as no shock that there are all kinds of questions about them and people think if LED lights are really better than HPS lights.

Do they reduce cost? Do you make up for the excessive fee of setting up LED lights in relation to electricity bills? Do LED lights even flower summer season plants whilst you want them to?

Apparently LED lights probably show better prospect to manage your pockets and the environment, so why not take a better look at comparing LED Vs HPS lights?

So many people feel that it sounds too sentimental, but there are many reasons to decide upon LED lights.

In spite of what the producers say with their over-hyped claims about specifications, there are valuable facts that I will narrate below.

The Challenge

Growing plants under lights is both time consuming and high costly. Man-madelight can scale up the price dramatically. Trying to create the July sun in your house does not come easy, after all.

Before recent times, HPS lights were usually used and they consume much energy. Electrical ballasts had been the first massive innovation – they usually brought a lot more energy with the same wattage.

However, LED lighting now promise more outcome than the addition of ballasts.

The outcome

Compared to HPS lights, LED lights shine in each means. In specified, the sunshine intensity and heat that they produce is something to be loved.

LED Lights vs. HPS Lights: Intensity of Light

Quite a lot of folks fear in regards to the kind of intensity that LED lights can give out. In comparison with HPS lights, the depth is so close.

What stands out is that LED lights can’t compete when measured based on standards for these kinds of lights. LED lights, in test, perform better then HPS lights at all time, although they appear not to produce more light intensity.

When checking them out, LED grow lights were equipped to producing an even yield and make us believe that future improvement in technology will support more yield especially when compared to HPS lights.

LED Lights vs. HPS Lights: Heat

For people using HPS growing lights and have to regularly combat with heat challenge, LED growing lights offers a good.

Instead of paying more to circulate air in other to prevent your plants from burning, LED lights will reflect on your plants without burning or causing any known damage.

Though the heat from HPS lights might be good for growers in cold and wet regions, it’s also not bad for LED lights because you can always increase the heat produced from them as they grow continuously.

LED Lights vs. HPS Lights: Yield

LED lights had been proven to be better than HPS lights over and over. While indoor growers that use HPS lights get about 0.5 gram per watt yield, growers using LED lights get 3 times of the yield produced by HPS light to give about 1 gram – 1.5 gram per watt.

This implies that growers using LED lights will get harvest of three times more than the HPS using growers.

LED Lights vs. HPS Lights: Lifespan

Most HPS setup works for about 10,000 hours. That provides a long time for growers, but LED lights works more than that (10,000 hours).

A LED light setup has the ability to last for up to 50,000-100,000 hours.

That makes up to 15 years of quality indoor growing that is cost-effective, more efficient, and easier to manage.

Most people, however, try various combinations of red and blue to get the perfect blend for their own purpose.

LED Lights vs. HPS Lights: Versatility

LED lights, compared to HPS lights, are rather more versatile. The cumbersome HPS lights don’t offer much in terms of versatility.

LED lights, however, can be positioned around your vegetation and fairly close, as a result of lack of heat that comes from them.

LED Lights vs. HPS Lights: Form of Light

The form of light that LED lights produce is modified to give the best to growing plants at flowering and vegetative stages.

HPS lights produce the whole wavelength while the LED lights provide the wavelength of the actual spectrum that plants absorb for optimal growth.


LED vs HPS grow Lights: Going by the above itemized reasons, it’s a known fact that LED lights are way better than the HPS lights.

But it’s a personal choice to stay with the obsolete HPS setup or switch to the real deal in LED lights which provide so much efficiency, Yield and reduced cost.

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