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Hydroponics Questions & Answers

Most Frequently Asked Questions about Hydroponics

1. How do You Choose the Right Hydroponic System? To be successful, you first have to choose the right hydroponic system that fits your situation. Before setting up the hydroponic system, it is necessary to…

Galaxyhydro 600w LED Review

GalaxyHydro 600W LED Grow Light Review

If you are a small to mid-size growers and want to get the best out of your money, given the fact that you don’t have the spending budget of a big-time growers and don’t need to spend all your money on one grow light….

Hydroponics Questions & Answers

Everything You Need to Know About Hydroponics

What is Hydroponics? Hydroponics refers to the art of cultivating plants without using soil. It is part of hydro-culture that basically implies growing crops in an aquatic environment instead of terrestrial. There are several types…

Kind K5 Series XL1000 LED Grow Light Review

In this review of Kind LED K5 XL1000 grow light, we bring in the best out of this light. Its price shouldn’t scare you, It’s an unusually strong, long lasting and feature rich grow light…

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DIY – How to Setup a Grow Tent

When you are obsessed with outdoor gardening, then grow tent is the best way of enjoying and getting more out of your indoor gardening. Grow tent is a movable, reusable grow room made of a…

Kind LED K5 XL750 Grow Light Review

Kind K5 XL750 LED Grow Light Review

The K5 Series from Kind LED has many specification and specific designs to be used in many purposes. The small size of LED bulbs enables XL750 fit easily into an electronic circuit. It has a long…